Healthcare Consumers

Consumer Overview

To achieve high quality health care and improve patient safety,  New Zealanders should have a core set of personal health information available electronically to them and their health professionals’ as they access health care, regardless of the setting.

The Shared Care Plan programme is seeking a collaborative approach amongst all care providers supporting people with Long Term Conditions as they develop a comprehensive and co-ordinated care plan which will be available electronically. The care plan will outline consumer defined, mutually agreed problems, goals , actions, timeframes and accountabilities for those involved and encourage consumer participation in care.

Advantages for the consumer include improved co-ordination of care around goals they help define, the ability to positively contribute to their own health and well-being as an informed member of their care team, better communication with members of their care team, a reduction in the need to repeat information including information related to tests and investigations undertaken and services provided to them.