Benefits of eReferrals Phase 2

Phase Two targets benefits in the following areas:

  • Patient safety and improved patient health outcomes
  • Ministry/Legislative, aligning with national and regional strategies
  • Clinical quality outcomes
  • Business improvements in costs and process
  • Core Infrastructure
  • Ensuring the system is able to be extended to other regions if required in the future

Phase Two will deliver additional benefits, particularly in term of efficiencies relating to the process of triage:

  • Clinicians will be able to triage wherever and whenever they choose, requiring only computer access as opposed to requiring hard copy files to be accessible.
  • Tracking of referrals will be possible on line, reducing effort involved in tracking paper referrals throughout the clinics.
  • It can be reasonably expected that more efficient and effective triage will result in more appropriate prioritisation and quicker access for patients, resulting in improved patient outcomes.