The eReferrals project has been divided into 3 separate phases to minimise risk and maximise the success of the project. 

Complete process

Phases in detail

Phase one provided:

  • a centralised library of standardised regional eReferral forms for 29 services;
  • a single regional referral repository;
  • the ability to transfer referrals electronically between the Hospital Referral Offices and all major PMS users via Healthlink;
  • manual status and auto-acknowledgement messages for GPs;
  • the ability to view referrals within the Concerto portal.

The eReferrals template is defined in two categories:

1. Generic Structure

  • Administrative Detail
  • Patient Information
  • Clinical Referral Information
  • Medical History
  • Medications / Allergies
  • Patient Disabilities / Difficulties
  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Referrer Details

2. Service specific detail (Clinical Referral subsection only)

The content for this sub-category is displayed only within the Clinical Referral information panel.

This phase provided:

  • Additional eReferral forms in the centralised library including Radiology, Sexual Health, Older Peoples Health, District Nursing, and Allied Health Services
  • Enhanced Referrals Management System (RMS2) which went live mid March building on the regional referrals repository and architecture implemented in Phase One: 
  • Interfacing capability with DHB patient and clinical systems to minimise double entry of data by hospital staff
  • Referrals status update and clinical notes messaging back to Primary Care referrers
  • Screens for locating, viewing, updating and managing electronic referrals, with appropriate security controls for system users
  • Electronic triage (grading) of referrals within the Referral Management System (under Concerto)
  • Reporting capabilities on volumes, turnaround times, and highlighting exception e.g. exceeding triage turnaround times

The full eReferrals solution will assist primary and secondary clinicians to create referrals and secondary and tertiary clinicians to process these referrals.

Phase 2.3 - 2.4 DHB Elective eReferrals will deliver:

  • Internal eReferrals (the majority of hospital referrals are internal) COMPLETED
  • Inter-Hospital eReferrals COMPLETED
  • Community based eReferrals (from web-forms) eg, Schools, Optometry, NGO's COMPLETED


The Auckland Regional DHBs in the future will not be accepting referrals in any format other than CareConnect eReferrals.

As a Healthcare provider who refers patients into the Greater Auckland region DHBs, how will you refer?

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