Web eReferrals enable clinical providers, other than GPs and Practice nurses to send eReferals to the GPs. Examples of these provders include: dentists, physiotherapists, optometrists, ACC,  

To apply for Web eReferrals , see the application process for requirements


Click on this Link:   https://my.healthlink.net

 If you get the following message, you do have a digital certificate. 

Yes, within the scope of your practice, you can send eReferrals.  eg, Colposcopy, District Nursing services, NASC, Retinopathy etc.  You should not be completing eReferrals on behalf of GPs for services outside the scope of practice. 

No eReferrals do not cover referrals to private services.  

On the eReferral attachments tab the default is the last 6 months data come through from Medtech inbox. If GP wants to attach older data they need to click on ‘Browse for Patient Documents’. This will bring through older documents from Medtech inbox.
Documents attached from Medtech appear under ‘Diagnostic Reports/Patient Documents’ on the GP preview. The GP can’t see the content of scanned documents attached, just the name. The content of lab results, radiology reports does appear in the print preview.
If GP wants to attach from their computer (outside of Medtech) they click on ‘Browse for Local File’

When the CRO print the referral at the hospital end full attachment content prints (including scanned document content).

About attachments

The diagram below demonstrates how eReferrals and Clinical Pathways both fit within an integrated care strategy.  An eReferrral is a decision point outcome on a pathway:

Continuum of care

As of January 2017, we are at 98% complete with services doing the online triage and grading. (2 services are not triaging, but not for technical reasons)

There is a process for agreeing changes to forms, which are regional.  Click here to go to the information on the Support Page

No there is no extra charges to the GP to use the system. GPs will continue paying the regular payment to his/her Patient Management System (PMS) vendor. The electronic referral facility will be available through the PMS system.

All DHB services will be using eReferrals.  We are now at 98% completion. 

GPs are be able to print the referral form from the system and will have to send it manually (using fax or mail).  However most servcies are using eReferrals so shoould not be an isue.  (WIth the exception of Acute referrals, which should be printed and faxed following a phonecall)

No. Unfortunately at this stage the system will not have the ability to electronically copy referrals to other GPs.

Yes. Hospitals will be able to forward referrals electronically from one DHB referral office to another IN THE AUCKLAND region only though.  We cannot send electonically outside the region, eg to Midlands DHB

Yes there will be a consistent template for all referrals across the DHBs in the greater Auckland region.

All completed referrals will be stored within the GP PMS and a central repository in the Central Referral Office of the relevant hospital.

This appears to be an intermittent problem nationally. Healthlink forms have an 'autosave' that prevents you losing information in the event of a sudden crash of the system. Some individual instances of the Medtech database (Interbase) are not able to process this autosave, causing it to freeze.


On June 19th, Medtech are applying a patch which ignores the Autosave. This should prevent the freezing.

The form will automatically default to the hospital nearest to patient’s home address except where the service is a regional service.

The average time that you will be expected to wait for an acknowledgement is 3 seconds. This could vary depending on the speed of your broadband connection.

The referrer will receive inbox notifications as the referral status of the referrals changes, from Received to Triaged/accepted/declined.