Healthcare Consumers

Overview in Māori

When you’re not well you don’t want to waste time.

Your health information is collected by healthcare providers and agencies so they can provide you with appropriate care and to plan health service delivery. Your health information is collected by healthcare providers and agencies so they can provide you with appropriate care and to plan health service delivery.

Your information is shared with healthcare providers and agencies involved in your care. For example, if you were referred to a hospital your health information would be provided to hospital staff. Sharing information helps healthcare providers give you the best care possible, as quickly as possible. It also helps them to make better and more informed decisions about your care.

Your health information is confidential and checks are in place to monitor access to your records. Your information is not made available to insurance companies, employers or other third parties.

Sharing health information means:

  • Quality care, faster
  • More complete health information about you is available to those who are providing your care
  • You and your healthcare provider are able to make more informed decisions about your care
  • You don’t have to remember all your tests and medications Tests do not need to be repeated

CareConnect TestSafe

TestSafe is a secure electronic database which stores health information including prescribed medications and test results. Authorised healthcare providers such as GPs, pharmacists, specialists, authorised non-clinical staff and hospital clinicians can access your information stored in TestSafe. For more information on the TestSafe approach to privacy and security, click on 'More Information' on the menu above.

Sharing patient information with other healthcare providers improves the quality and safety of health care delivery throughout the health system. In addition to reporting test results to the test orderer, a range of DHB funded clinical information in the Northern region are also sent to TestSafe. These include a record of medications dispensed by community pharmacists, discharge summaries, radiology results and some clinic letters.

"Testsafe has significantly cut down time needed to get hospital results and has actually been pivotal in patient care on a number of occasions" John Cameron, GP and Medical Executive Officer for ProCare.


Te Tuari Mōhiohio. Te Kounga o te Manaaki. 

Ō mōhiohio

E kohia ana ō mōhiohio e ngā kaiwhakarato hauora kia pai ai tā rātau whakarato manaaki tōtika me te whakamahere i ngā ratonga hauora e hiahia ana koe.

Mā te tuari mōhiohio i waenga i ō kaiwhakarato hauora e taea e rātau katoa te whai wāhi ki ngā mōhiohio o te wā e tika ai tā rātau whakatau i runga i te mārama me te wawe anō o te whakarato i te manaaki tino pai rawa mōu.

CareConnect TestSafe

He putunga hōtuku ā-hiko a CareConnect TestSafe e taea e te hunga manaaki i a koe te whai wāhi me te tuari i ngā mōhiohio ka kōwhiria pēnei i ngā otinga aromatawai, ngā rongoā ka tukua me ngā reta e tukuna ki tō tākuta.

Tō kōwhiringa

Mēnā kāore koe i te hiahia kia kitea e ētahi atu kaiwhakarato hauora ō otinga i CareConnect TestSafe, ka taea e koe te aukati i te tuaritanga o ō mōhiohio mā te waea ki 0800 268 626 mā te kōrero atu rānei ki tō kaiwhakarato hauora ina tonoa tētahi aromatawai, taka rongoā rānei ina tukuna he rongoā.

Mēnā ka whakatau koe ki te aukati i te whai wāhitanga o ō mōhiohio tērā pea ka tōroahia pea tō maimoatanga, hei tauira, i te wā e tuaruahia ana ngā aromatawai, te whakamanatanga rānei a te taka rongoā i ngā rongoā i tukuna ki a koe i mua.

Mō ētahi atu mōhiohio tirohia a:, waea ki: 0800 268 626 pātai rānei mō tētahi mātārere i te