Consumer communications

If you are community laboratory test orderer, specimen taker or community pharmacist, there is a responsibility to communicate to your patients the way information is shared.

In consultation with primary care groups and the privacy commissioner's office, TestSafe designed an approach for healthcare consumer communications that will work in with your busy schedule and provide you with various benefits. The package includes:

  • Message at the end of printed laboratory order forms (see "GPs", "PMS Set Up" on the menus above)
  • Message at the end of printed prescripion receipts (see"Pharmacists", "Policies & Procedures")
  • Statements in standard patient brochures (e.g. "You and your information" brochures handed out by some healthcare providers)
  • Media promotions undertaken by CareConnect TestSafe from time to time
  • Posters for you to display Patient Information sheets for you to hand out to patients that have queries
  • A public 0800 number for patients to call, website.

The information you will need to provide to your patients when ordering tests will vary depending on the individual patient, the type of test involved and the patient's current knowledge of TestSafe. Clearly displaying posters in your surgery and providing the written information about TestSafe will help you meet legal and professional obligations.

In some cases only a brief additional discussion may be required with patients when ordering the tests to answer any questions they may have and to determine whether they wish to ‘Prevent TestSafe Sharing’. This means you will not need to spend valuable consulting time dealing with issues relating to the TestSafe changes.

Posters and Pads

  • Posters for display in public areas, A4 and A3 size available, click on the following link to view example [PDF, 2.3 MB].
  • Information Sheets for patients who seek more information, delivered as pads of 70 tear off sheets, click on the following link to view example [PDF, 1009 KB].


Click here to place on order for Posters or Information pads, make sure you include the quantities you require and postal details. Note that a maximum of 8 Information pads may be ordered at one time.