Healthcare Providers

TestSafe is a secure electronic database that provides users in the hospital and community setting with access to selected medical information including:

  • Lab results from community and hospital laboratories
  • Radiology reports from DHB based imaging services, and private radiologists reports copied to the repository
  • Community Pharmacy dispensing records for prescribed medications
  • Reports from other DHB based testing services such as Cardiology. 
  • Electronic Discharge Summaries from the DHBs
  • A variety of clincial documentation including clinic letters
  • eReferrals
  • A single view of all DHB appointments

The sharing of patient test and pharmacy information has a number of benefits including:

  • Up to date information is available to healthcare providers to assist with timely decision-making
  • Patients may not have to provide extra test samples or wait for results before decisions on their care are made
  • Reducing the number of tests ordered will result in savings.
  • Increased safety around dispensing a prescription or recommending a 'pharmacy only' medicine as up to date pharmacy information is available.
  • Reducing the need for pharmacists to spend time on the phone responding to hospital queries as community dispensing records will be visible.

Healthcare providers will appreciate the benefits of information being shared in this way, especially for patients who frequently move between community based and DHB provider based healthcare services. For an overview of TestSafe click on the thumbnail sketch to your right.

Principles of Access to TestSafe

Click here [PDF, 102 KB] to see the principles applied to access to Testsafe

Consumer Communications

If you are a community laboratory test orderer, specimen taker or community pharmacist, there is a responsibility to communicate to your patients the way information is shared. We have put together a package of materials to assist with this to minimise the time this may involve. For all the details on this requirement, along with sample materials and an order form, see 'Consumer Communications' on the menu above.


"Testsafe has significantly cut down time needed to get hospital results and has actually been pivotal in patient care on a number of occasions" From John Cameron GP and Medical Executive Officer for ProCare, he talks more about TestSafe in article by the National IT Health Board(external link), click on the following link to view this article [JPG, 112 KB] from their August e-booklet