User review

As part of our commitment to ensure that patient privacy is being maintained, we may require your feedback on the context in which you have used TestSafe to view patient records. The TestSafe 'Access Deed' you originally signed to get set up with TestSafe provides for this, a copy of the Access Deed can be found in the under 'Get Access' above. This is a standard check made for each TestSafe user, over time, using a randomly selected sample of patients from exception records. Exceptions are created when:

  • General Practice: the patient was not registered to your practice at the time you viewed their records.
  • Community Pharmacy: there is no dispensing from the pharmacy you were in at the time you viewed the patient's record.
  • Other Providers: All accesses of patient's records are subject to sampling for review.

You may also be contacted to assist in a response to a request for more information from a patient who has received a report on who has viewed their records.

General Practice Reponse

We understand that practices are busy environments and have the following suggestions as to what you may be able to easily produce to send back to us for our records.